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Interstate Canine Swim Center (formerly Interstate Equine & Canine Swim Center) is the first canine swim facility in Maryland and the surrounding areas and the largest indoor canine pool in the state measuring approximately 35 feet by 60 feet. We have been providing rehabilitation, therapy, conditioning and fun for all breeds of dogs for over 8 years. Located in Harford County, the facility offers individual swim sessions in a climate controlled indoor pool. Our staff is trained in handling all sizes of dogs and dogs recovering from all kinds of problems. We maintain a rinse and dry-off room adjacent to the main pool.

The pool

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of dogs back to full health. These include dogs suffering from arthritis and hip dysplasia as well as overweight dogs. Our clients also include dogs who have undergone various knee surgeries (ACL repairs, TPLO, etc.) and dogs recovering from hip surgeries (TPO, FHO, and full hip replacement). Because swimming is a "zero impact" exercise, the dogs are able to rebuild and/or build vital muscle mass. This shortens the road to full recovery and prevents muscular atrophy. Swimming has also assisted dogs that have suffered back injuries where surgical intervention would have been premature.

"Senior" canines also benefit from swimming in a variety of ways. Dogs who are showing signs of debilitating arthritis and other joint diseases can sometimes delay the effects of the disease through a regular regimen of "free" swimming which helps maintain vital muscle tone. For older dogs that are not motivated to exercise routinely, swimming replaces most of their exercise ensuring that the dogs work their cardio-vascular systems and keep off unwanted pounds. We are currently swimming several older dogs whose owners are convinced that without swimming their canine companions might not be around today.

Swimming is also excellent for the conditioning of show dogs and working dogs. It allows them to build muscle and build their confidence. We currently have 9 show dogs; one a top ranked Irish Wolfhound, and 11 Schutzhund training dogs swimming at the facility.

Our canine friends come from all over Maryland as well as Delaware and Pennsylvania. For most dogs, swimming is just plain FUN!

Please call (410-734-0364) for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

Interstate Canine Swim Center

2738 Carsins Run Rd
Aberdeen, MD 21001-1516


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